Crazy Love Ministries 2024 Annual  Business Meeting
will be held on Monday, Dec. 02, 2024 at 7pm (Location TBD)

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07/15/2024 Public Invite, Daniel Yerkan

Daniel Yerkan, Feb 18, 1983-Jun 30, 2024. You are invited to celebrate with us the life of Danny on Friday, July 26, 2024 at 6:30pm. Location: Shelton Street Feed, corner of 7th & Franklin St in downtown, Shelton, WA. A meal and time for fellowship will immediately follow. All are welcome!

07/02/204 Daniel Yerkan

We are saddened to publicly share that Daniel Yerkan passed away on Sun morning, Jun 30, 2024. We are sending our condolences to Danny’s family & loved ones! Please keep them all in your prayers. There will be a celebration of life for him at an upcoming Shelton Street Feed. Details will be provided shortly!

05/23/2024 Public Announcement

Join us on Monday, Dec 2, 2024 (Location TBD) for Crazy Love  Ministries 2024 Annual Business Meeting. On the agenda this year is election and/or reelection of our Executive Director and the board of director position of Treasurer. Both terms of position will begin on Jan 1, 2025 and end on Dec 31, 2026. If you would like to be considered for one of these positions, please send a letter of interest and your resume to by Monday, Nov 4, 2024.

05/07/2024 Public Thank You, Shelton Walmart

This is the 2nd haul of food our org. has received as a result of the efforts of the Shelton Walmart food drive for Crazy Love Ministries ! Our President, Cheryl Phipps is a proud employee of this local retailer who takes value in supporting the efforts of their employees who are investing volunteer hours in their community.

04/22/2024 Public Invite

Join us on Friday, May 3rd at 6pm to 🥳 celebrate the 7yr Anniversary of the Shelton Street Feeds! You will find us in downtown Shelton in the parking lot next door to Mason Transit, on the corner of 7th & Franklin St. We will provide our guests with a Cinco De Mayo feast + much more, in honor of the first feed on May 5, 2017. All are welcome!

04/22/2024 Donation Opportunity

04/08/2023 Shelton Team in Olympia, 2017

7 years ago today, the original Shelton Street Feed team got to serve and be mentored by Crazy Faith Outreach at the Olympia Street Feed. It’s unreal that Crazy Love Ministries will be celebrating 7 years of Street Feeds in Shelton on the 1st Friday in May. Go God!

04/08/2024 Praise Report

We continue to celebrate that George, Shelly & Cody are no longer living in this vehicle! They have been off the streets since Dec 30th. They are cherishing this new season of stability and the comforts of the home that God blessed them with this year! Thank you, Lord! And Thank you to the three of them for being evidence to others that when you place your faith in God He generously rewards those who remain committed in heart. Good job on not giving up!

03/23/2024 Holy Week

As we enter into resurrection week it is important to remember why Crazy Love Ministries exists! It is plain and simple; Jesus Christ has saved our lives! And God wants His message of good news multiplied!
Through the sufferings of Jesus Christ, our team members have experienced the full pardon into eternal life that is offered to the entire world. Our repentant belief in Jesus Christ, has risen us to life. We have faith He conquered for us what we could not! Hallelujah!
Jesus Christ is the only Conqueror of worldly influence and the only Defeater of death! Praise be to Him, that we are no longer captives to the shame and guilt of sin which was leading us into deeper suffering and ultimately, to death.
We will continue to share the eternal benefit found in believing in Jesus Christ. His crucifixion and resurrection annihilate the death sentence sin cursed humankind with.
It is also for YOU that God sentenced Himself to death! AND THEN RAISED HIMSELF from DEATH! Why? So that you can be raised into LIFE and dwell WITH HIM! FOREVER!
We invite you to follow along with us this week through this devotional. Together, we will reflect on what Jesus accomplished. We also, hope to celebrate with you in person at this week’s Good Friday, Shelton Street Feed!

03/22/2024 Announcement of CLM's new Secretary

It’s a pleasure to introduce you to Crazy Love Ministries, newest board of director (secretary), Rhonda Dagais-Stevens! We are so excited Rhonda will be serving with our team in this capacity. She joined our team in 2020 as one of the primary volunteers at the Mason County Warming Center.
What she’d like you to know about herself,
“At the age of 28 I became aware of my desires to help others. God has always provided more than enough for me. At that time, I decided it was single parents I could give to.
I opened a daycare and took on helping the low-income world. In addition to providing 3 daily meals and 2 snacks to the daycare children and their parents(s) I took additional food to these families. Many of the children I helped care for had parents struggling with addiction. I then had the opportunity to foster twin boys which allowed me to see the full effects of parental addiction.
This is the course God put me on that has led me to serving with Crazy Love Ministries. I’m thankful I can continue feeding the needy and intervening for the addicts in our communities through the efforts of Crazy Love Ministries.
How does God’s love abide in anyone who has the world’s goods and sees a brother or sister in need yet refuses to help? Little children, let us love not in words, but in truth and action. 1 John 3:17-18″

03/20/2024 Announcement, Board of Director Resignation

It’s with mixed emotions Crazy Love Ministries announces. that after 5yrs of serving with our team, Dan Bryan, has resigned as our board of director, Secretary.
Dan is looking forward to pursuing ministry opportunities in his hometown of Olympia. He states, “It is with a mixture of sadness and excitement for the future that I am tendering my resignation. I have enjoyed my time with Crazy Love and feel that I have received far more than I ever could have given. I will treasure the opportunities to serve and the friendships I have made all of my life.”
Dan will be greatly missed, and we all agree that the friendships that have been built through serving our Lord together will remain forever. We look forward to being witnesses to what Dan gets to do next.
Shortly, Crazy Love Ministries will have the honor of introducing our new Secretary, Rhonda Dagais-Stevens!

03/18/2024 Public Invite

It’s time to celebrate resurrection weekend! Join us for Crazy Love Ministries 7th annual, Good Friday Shelton Street Feed. We’ll dine together on God’s Word (special Easter message) & some amazing food + much more! All are welcome!

Friday, March 29, 2024 @ 6pm
Corner of 7th & Franklin St, Shelton, WA

03/16/2024 Sponsor Letter

Dearest Sponsors,
Crazy Love Ministries is entering into its 7th year of Street Ministry in Shelton, WA! Our team has been so privileged to serve the Lord and others through this ministry.  As we followed the Lord into fully ministering outdoors again in 2023, the praise reports did not decrease.
We realized, once again, how vital being directly on the streets and in the camps is. It’s important for those struggling in our community to have the opportunity to know God by experiencing first-hand the distance His great love for them is willing to go. As individuals in our Street Family become interested and ready for growth in their lives, we want them to have total confidence that they are never alone.
Posted are just a few of the photo glimpses of the 2023 miracles our amazing God performed in the lives of those we serve and how much impact your support for our ministry is having. These individuals are among those who you have helped to become sober today & placed into housing. Go God!
God’s heart is that none should perish, and our team will continue to trust Him to complete the work He has called us to. It remains an honor and privilege to bring His presence and love directly into our streets and your continued prayer and financial support makes this possible. It is appreciated, beyond measure!
God bless you,
Wendy Petty
Exec. Dir

03/16/2024 VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR 2023, Cheryl Phipps

Cheryl joined the efforts of Crazy Love Ministries in May of 2017. She has been known to share; she is without doubt that God has called her to street ministry for as long as He makes it possible.
In addition to being the Shelton Street Feed, lead food server, Cheryl has actively participated on the Crazy Love Ministries Board of Directors as President since 2019. Her dedication, commitment, and willingness to be a strong teammate and to love others well  is invaluable to the works of this ministry.

03/16/2024 Donald Morlan, Shelton, WA

We appreciate the privilege we had to know and to love Donnie Morlan! It wasn’t just yesterday and today during the public gatherings that his families thought of him. Crazy Love Ministries looks forward to continuing our mission, as Donnie’s Street Family, to bring forth the greatest Love and the only Everlasting Hope, Who is Jesus Christ, to our community in Shelton, WA

03/12/2024 Chris Stitt, Shelton WA

Chris! You made your mark in our hearts, (Jonathan Christopher Stitts)! Our time knowing you was far too short, but our hope for you in Jesus Christ will not be diminished. 

02/24/2024 Sheltered by Hope

Mary’s book has been published! Her willingness to publicly share her personal struggle with homelessness in her autobiography, Sheltered by Hope, is helping to change more lives.
I met Mary May in 2017 when I started Crazy Love Ministries, a Shelton, WA–based nonprofit that provides outreach services to the homeless. Mary’s passion to advocate for those who are living in a situation similar to what she went through became contagious. She has been one of my biggest encouragers! Mary is a constant reminder to my husband and I of the importance of remaining steadfast to go the distance to love others in our community.
Homelessness is an extremely complex topic. Everyone is valuable and has a story. A tremendous blessing that’s being produced by Mary’s courage to share her own story is that more of the population has the opportunity to grow in their knowledge and compassion for the homeless residents in their communities. We greatly appreciate efforts such as Mary’s that can strengthen unity across social divides.
Mary also directed a short film, Homeless Men, the Real Survivors. This film features the stories of some men who were living on the streets in San Deigo, CA. The same streets Mary was saved from.
You can arrange to purchase a signed copy of Mary’s book for $20 by contacting our ministry at, 360-358-3355 or at, All monies go directly to, Mary May! Her book is also available for purchase through Amazon and her film can be viewed on YouTube.

02/12/2024 Jack Johnston, Shelton, WA

We are honored in helping Jack Johnston’s family raise the needed monies to make his last requests possible.

Jack Johnston was an easy going, kind hearted man who befriended our ministry team in 2019. A highlight of his week was spending his Friday evenings with us at the Shelton Street Feeds. Jack was not homeless, but spent most of his life living below the poverty level.
This did not prevent him from extending help to his adult-children when needed and to others. Multiple individuals resided on his personal property. Our ministry had the privilege of making weekly visits to bring prayer and food to his homesteaders. Jack’s smile and upbeat spirit will be greatly missed by our team and the attendees of the Shelton Street Feeds.
Jack died on, Jan 29, 2024 at the age of 88. He was proceeded in death by his wife, Mary. His last request was that his ashes be spread with hers. Jack’s family is in need of help for his cremation expenses. All proceeds paid in his honor will go directly to the funeral home.

A celebration of life will be held for Jack Johnston on Fri, Feb. 23rd at the Shelton Street Feed, 6pm, corner of 7th & Franklin St in downtown, Shelton, WA. 

Please consider giving and we also appreciate your prayer support for his family and loved ones as they adjust to his absence.

02/11/2024 Donald Morlan, Shelton, WA

Dear Addict,
We know your pain has deceived you into thinking you are beyond help. We know you feel worthless, hopeless, alone, bitter, and full of shame. We know you’ve lost sight of the REAL you, but we have not!
We only see you as the beautiful, wonderfully made person God has created you to be. You are loved and worth fighting for! Until you have the courage to ask for help from the One Who can take your addiction away we will not stop fighting for you!
We will not waiver in our faith that our Lord Jesus Christ can heal your pain and save you! We will NOT stop asking Him to do this for you!
In His Love,
The Crazy Love Ministries Team
-In memory of Donnie Morlan

01/20/2024 Sobriety for His Glory

For God’s glory! Dakota has been off of the streets in Shelton, WA & sober x160 days! We had a wonderful time visiting with him. God’s word is alive & active! Making him stronger & stronger, day by day. Thank you Jesus for the work you are doing in this young man!

01/09/2024 Your Help is Needed

Let’s work together to help those on the streets in Shelton, WA to  prepare for this weekend’s In coming cold temperatures. If you have extra blankets, sleeping bags, coats? We’re inviting the community to show up at Friday’s Shelton Street Feed with anything you’d like to give away. Corner of 7th & Franklin St, 6-7pm. Please share!

01/01/2024 Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Reminder, God is in the business of always doing something new in our lives! We are looking forward to what He has in store for everyone in 2024.
‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭43:19‬ ‭NIV‬‬
[19] See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.

12/31/2023 Sobriety for His Glory

Another victory won in 2023, for God’s glory! This beautiful mama has been clean & sober for 9 months and has been reunited with baby, Isaac. Thank you, Lord!! 🙌 ALL things are possible with Jesus Christ!

12/4/2023 Christmas Packages

Crazy Love Ministries is currently in need of gloves, coats, and Christmas candy to complete the Christmas Packages that will be given out at the SHELTON CHRISTMAS STREET FEED on Fri, Dec. 22nd and at the SHELTON CHRISTMAS BREAKFAST FEED on, Mon, Dec. 25th. If you are able to donate these items or anything else towards this effort please call us at, 360-358-3355 to schedule your donation drop off or pick up. OR make a $ donation by using the donate button on the bottom of our website pages and mark it “Christmas Giving”. Thanks!

11/28/2023 Giving Tuesday

It’s that time of year again to give big to one or more of the local nonprofits that are making a difference in your community! By choosing to give to Crazy Love Ministries, this GivingTuesday, you are helping to get hope out to those in need on the streets in Shelton, WA and people moving in the direction towards housing. Please share!

DONATE TO: Crazy Love Ministries.

11/16/23 Public Announcement

December is coming! Crazy Love Ministries annual 2023 business meeting will be held on Mon, Dec, 11th at 7pm. Location, New Hope, 1521 Monroe St, Shelton, WA. The Board of Director positions that will be getting voted on for terms, Jan 1, 2024-Dec 31, 2025, are President and Secretary. Anyone who has less board experience, but would like to be involved & have the opportunity to learn from our team, we have an Associate Director position we can open. If you are interested in running for one of these positions please send an email to by Mon, Dec 4, 2023. Be sure to include your letter of interest along with a short bio and/or any qualifications you’d like to share with our current Board of Directors prior to the business meeting. Thank you!


10/17/2023 Sponsor Letter

Dearest Sponsors,
After the closure of the Mason County Warming Center on Dec 29, 2022, Crazy Love Ministries efforts to find building space ceased in Mar of 2023. The Crazy Love Ministries team committed it was God’s will we needed to pray for, wait for, and be surrendered to.
In July of 2023, Crazy Love Ministries was contacted by a downtown building owner who wanted to partner in what our ministry was offering to our community.
By September, we received proposals for two building spaces. One to publicly serve the community from again and one as a shop/storage place.
Both contracts were presented to the Crazy Love Ministries board of directors and leadership team on Sept 9, 2023.
There was no motion made to accept the public building space. The board of directors, did however, move forward on October 1, 2023, on the contract for the space that is currently becoming the “hub of Crazy Love Ministries operations.”
This space will house all the Crazy Love Ministries fridges, freezers, dry pantry items, equipment, donation inventory, and the vehicle that makes all of its outreach possible. This new space ensures all donations are being properly cared for, sorted, and distributed as quickly as possible to our community.
Many have expressed sadness to us that Crazy Love Ministries isn’t able to reproduce what was previously being done through the Warming Center. We aren’t feeling sad. We have always understood that the delivery of God’s love through the sharing of the gospel is the only thing that can fully change lives. This effort has never been hindered.
Crazy Love Ministries was established by the Lord as a Street Ministry in Shelton, WA in 2017. It didn’t have building space for its first three years. Nor was it ever trying to gain it. God was beyond successful in meeting people right where they were at! In the streets, broken & homeless.
Let us not minimize the miracles upon miracles God can perform both inside buildings and outside of them. His ministry work has no restrictions! We will go wherever He asks us to go to introduce and reintroduce to those in our community the everlasting hope and freedom God offers, through salvation in Jesus Christ. It is an honor and privilege to bring His presence and love directly into our streets.
As always, the Shelton Street Feed offers the gospel, prayer, and an all-you-can-eat, full course dinner to anyone who shows up! Plus, much more! We’re also actively providing, On-Demand Outreach, Homeless Camp Visits, and Community Food Boxes. You can read more about these services that God is making possible through your continued prayer and financial support for Crazy Love Ministries on our website. You can also visit our website to remain updated on our monthly financial reports.
Feel free to come and participate with us in serving our community at the Shelton Street Feed! No ministry experience is required. Only a heart to love God and to love others!
Wendy Petty
Exec Dir
Crazy Love Ministries

10/4/2023 Public Announcement

Yay! Crazy Love Ministries has a new donation drop off location! Go God! Please consider whether you can contribute by donating some of these most needed Fall/Winter items.


10/1/2023 Public Announcement

It’s October 1st! In memory of Eagle Thompson & Paul Zachry, whose birthdays were both in October, the Crazy Love Ministries family invites you to join us on a 31 day journey of personal reflection through the book of Proverbs. Follow us on Facebook  for this day-by-day journey!

9/14/2023 Eagle Thompson Celebration of Life

At tomorrow night’s Shelton Street Feed,, beginning at 6pm, we will be observing the memory of “Eagle” Thompson.
The Crazy Love Ministries family is grateful to have known Eagle, since the very first Shelton Street Feed on May 5, 2017.
Every day, when we open our Bibles to Proverbs, may we remember Eagle’s voice. Which despite his personal struggles, became a voice of constant reminder to us to read God’s word, every day of every year. “In and out, God makes it so simple. These 31 verses have no reason to not become a part of us.” -Eagle Thompson
We thank you, Lord for allowing us to walk beside Eagle. Thank you for giving us the eyes to see both his faith in you and his struggles. We trust that You have always known our heart’s hope for Eagle’s eternal wellbeing. And we pray that his efforts on earth to share You with others will continue to increase those being added to Your Kingdom. In Jesus, name. Amen

7/2/2023 Public Announcement

Good morning clm family! Reminder. As announced to the Street Family & those in attendance on Friday, Crazy Love has completed its Tue & Sun outreach mission. It was a privilege to extend our services to include these days after the Center’s closure. And we thank God for making it all possible. Our team will now be dedicating our full attention back on the Fri Shelton Street Feeds and our newest building negotiations.
Camp outreach (mobile resource unit) and general food deliveries will remain available. These can be scheduled by calling the ministry number, 360-358-3355. These deliveries are typically done on Thurs evenings, but vary depending on the weekly need.
Jesus loves you! And we love you! Never forget, you are a blessing to others! See you all on Friday. Shalom.

6/15/2023 Praise Report

This is a beautiful mom & daughter duo Crazy Love Ministries had the opportunity to celebrate with. After many failed attempts of housing opportunities that provided them with over-head shelter, but non-humane conditions, including their vehicle and a trailer with no running water or septic 🤮, the door to adequate housing finally opened! They are now residing in a two bedroom apartment that has also been fully furnished. They give thanks to God for answering their prayers! And, for the network of love & support He provided them with!


6/6/2023 Public Announcement

We love you girl! It was an honor to know you.


5/22/23 Praise Report

Douglas qualified for housing support and a health check with a pulmonary specialist came back good. Please be praying that an actual door to housing opens soon so he can be done with residing at the shelter.


5/1/2023 Public Announcement

Paul Zachry’s service will be on May, 27th at 1pm, Shelton First Baptist Church


4/29/23 Memorial Service, May 20th, 1pm, Shelton First Baptist Church


4/26/2023 6yr Anniversary Invite

It’s almost time to celebrate our 6yr. anniversary!
Fri, May, 05, 2023, 6pm
Parking Lot: 627 W. Franklin St, Shelton, WA
Our sponsors & the public are invited to join us for our annual Cinco De Mayo meal.
On the first Friday every May, this meal is a reproduction of the first Shelton Street Feed dinner served to the homeless & those in need, May 05, 2017.
It’s in great joy we get to continue celebrating that God has made it possible for no Friday dinner to be missed since May 05, 2017!
God does not fail in showing up to care for those on the streets in Shelton, WA and you have helped to make this possible!

4/21/2023 Forever in our Hearts, Harrison Lofthus

Scot & Mary Lofthus, “We are heartbroken to share the news that our son Harrison, age 35, passed away on April 17th in Shelton. Harrison’s wit, creative mind, and gentle spirit will be missed by all who knew him. More information about the service will be announced later. We would love to hear any stories or memories you have of him.”


4/15/2023 Praise Report!

What a joyous day we had, April 15, 2023! Celebrating Abe’s 77th birthday and water baptism. It is awesome to be able to know all of the amazing people God’s brought into our lives through Crazy Love Ministries and to be witnesses of His transformation in their lives. Thank you Lord, for never stopping short in Your pursuit to love us! All, power, honor, and glory to You, forever & ever! Hallelujah & Amen!


4/6/2023 Praise Report!

The Lisk Family got housing!
After 5yrs of housing instability this family moved into their forever home on April 1st. Despite the hardships that Joe and Krista have experienced they remained steadfast in waiting upon the Lord to answer their prayer requests. #1 For their family to be back together again and #2 For a place they could call home.
It was amazing when God answered their prayers in the exact order they’d been praying for. However, it became extremely challenging for this family to be back together again absent of stable housing. It required the kindness of a local hotel owner, the previous foster parents, and most recently, a short stay again at the local shelter in order to wait out their time for the door to housing to finally open.
It has been such a blessing that Joe and Krista also chose to spend their time waiting on God by serving their community with Crazy Love Ministries and other local organizations despite their personal struggles. They never lost hope!
Joe says the two areas they have grown in the most are, “Patience and perseverance.”
They are grateful to God for His faithfulness to answer their prayers.
Thank you Lord, for this beautiful family! And for everything You have done for them, are doing, and WILL continue to do in their lives and through their lives. May your favor, goodness, and protection remain with them forever, and ever! In Jesus name, amen.

3/28/2023 Shelton Girl Scouts Thank You

Tonight’s treat at Fellowship in the Park?! Girl Scout Cookies! Thank you to Shelton’s Girl Scout Troop #40339 for selling well this yr! Your hard work benefited 40 of your homeless neighbors who received a box of cookies. 😁


March 2023 Sponsor Letter

Greetings to our Crazy Love Sponsors,

We have yet to find adequate building space for the Warming Center. Unfortunately, the buildings that would work are for sale vs for lease. As we wait upon the Lord for His will to be done, we are continuing to explore all possibilities including more funding options.

It quickly came to our attention that Crazy Love Ministries successfully provided outreach services for three years prior to having building space. Beginning the first of Feb. we added Tues evening Fellowship in the Park to our outreach schedule in addition to the Friday, Shelton Street Feed.

This outreach is done in conjunction with Community Lifeline’s 5pm dinner. Crazy Love sets up in the park offering people a place to sit and eat their meal. We supplement the meal with additional food and basic-necessity handouts. Most importantly, we are there to continue maintaining the relationships God has created with those we serve by offering them prayer and holding the Devotion and Discussion time that everyone was familiar with at the center.

Beginning in April, we will be adding on Sun Church in the Park. This will also be an offering that people were previously accustomed to when visiting the center on Sunday afternoons. It’s exciting that God is continuing to bring vision to the ministry work of Crazy Love Ministries.

On a recent Fri evening when we announced Church in the Park was coming, a man named Shawn raised his hand to speak. When I motioned for him to talk he informed the entire crowd, “This is awesome! We’ve been waiting to see if you’d disappear on us.”

It hit my heart hard realizing that people have been watching to see if the loss of the center would cause us to feel defeated enough to not stay the course God set before us. Ultimately, giving up on those we serve. Shawn was one of our confirmations that God doesn’t need a building to continue drawing people to Him.

We remain firm in the commitment we made to the public and our sponsors in our Jan 2023 letter, the closure of the center, “Will not prevent His love and the message of the cross from reaching more of our neighbors who are lost, hurting, and in need of Jesus . Crazy Love Ministries is NOT dissolving. Our team remains committed to loving, serving, and investing in the lives of others in our community.” However necessary! And your continued donations are helping to make this possible.

For those giving financially, you can view the most current expense report on our website at, under the Sponsor Tab. If you ever have any specific questions our treasurer can be contacted directly, Mel Lightbody, 707-367-4370.

Please continue to page 2 to read about the impact God is having through your support!

God bless you,

Wendy Petty
CLM Exec. Dir.

 Crazy Love Ministries Summary of 2023 Praise Reports, so far 😊

Jan 2023, with heavy hearts we received word of Paul Zachry’s passing. Paul was one of our sponsors and many of our team members knew Paul personally. It was extremely challenging for Wendy (our Exec. Dir.) to accept a praise report that came with the news of his passing. Crazy Love Ministries was included in Paul’s will. The ministry will be receiving $7500 from his estate. Our largest donation ever! Our hope is that once this money is received it can be used towards the reopening of a Warming Center. We know Paul greatly appreciated what the center was offering to those in our community.

Feb 2023, Gene H and son moved into their own home. After residing first in shelters and then together in a group home. Our ministry was blessed to help with the physical move and from donations from the community to equip their new home with a washer and dryer.

Mike M got his own housing. At a Shelton Street Feed Mike publicly gave God all the praise for this victory. Mike is looking very forward to attending Church in the Park.

Mar 2023, Erica B got her own housing. Erica hasn’t had stable housing for five years. Her housing situation also contributed towards her not being able to fully reside with her two sons. However, her new apartment provides space for her youngest to live with her. Her eldest has successfully moved on to adulthood and remains in close relationship with her. All glory to God!!!

Along with a $500 donation from the Exec. Dir. of Crazy Love Ministries, the ministry was able to help collect matching donations for Gethsemane Ministries through Go Fund Me. Crazy Love will be sending them a check close to $1000.00 this month. We are certain many others also gave directly to Gethsemane. The biggest miracle we’ve witnessed come from the Gethsemane fires is how the greater church has stepped up as one to help support Gethsemane. Many of Gethsemane’s sister ministries and Shelton’s local church congregations have sent them financial support.

Despite the center not being in operation, Crazy Love Ministries volunteer roster has grown and is at its highest in ministry history (6yrs!), with 38 volunteers. All food and financial donation needs are also continuing to be met.

Go God!


3/08/2023 Praise Report

We’re celebrating another housing victory! Erica hasn’t had stable housing for the last five years. She was one who was fortunate enough to be able to remain indoors by couch surfing, etc through the generosity of family & friends. Her housing situation also contributed towards her not being able to fully reside with her two sons.

However, she has now been moved into an apartment that provides adequate space to also house her youngest son. Her eldest has successfully moved on to adulthood and remains in close relationship with her.

Here’s a photo of her posing with one of her favorite Crazy Love Ministries volunteers. Thank you to Love In the Name of Christ Mason County for helping to accommodate her new home with furnishings and to all of the other groups in our community who have helped Erica. All glory to God!!!


3/1/2023 New Hope Youth Group Thank You

Thank you to New Hope’s youth group who provided essential packages to be distributed at Crazy Love’s Tue. Fellowship in the Park. It’s inspiring that our younger generation is recognizing the importance of extending kindness to their neighbors.
Last night’s devotion centered around the Our Daily Bread topic, A Donkey, A Baboo & Me. We had a great conversation on how God uses animals to help and to protect. Even more so, He can perform miracles in and through our own lives for the benefit of others. We departed feeling empowered by the reminder of how much God loves us and that through Jesus Christ we can be all assets to those who are hurting around us.

2/21/2023 Praise Report

PRAISE REPORT! Mike got housing just over 2 weeks ago. He came to a SHELTON STREET FEED to share the news with some of those who have walked beside him & to give the praise to Jesus for this victory. It’s hard to read, but the button he’s holding is declaring all glory to God!


02/17/2023 Help Gethsemane Rebuild Campaign


01/23/2023 Homeless Event this Friday!


01/15/23 Sponsor/Public Announcement


Happy 2023 to you and yours! We are sincerely grateful for your support of Crazy Love Ministries.

It’s important that we keep our sponsors updated on changes to our program. It’s with a heavy heart I inform you that the Mason County Warming Center has not had its doors open to the public since Dec. 29, 2022.

Due to worsening roof leaks and secondary building issues that the owners are not able to properly take care of, the Crazy Love Ministries Board of Directors, has decided to terminate our lease agreement. This decision was prayerfully made with careful consideration for all involved. We are working towards the completion of an inventory disposal and cleanup process outlined by an Environmental Technician. I’m happy to report, very limited items were subject to loss and almost everything the non-profit owns within the center will be recovered.

We know the services offered at the center for the last 3 years have been a huge benefit to our community. This is a sad occurrence for all involved, including our team. However, if God’s will is for the center to continue I have faith He will bring us a new building! We are currently considering all options for building space and will continue to do so.

We are grateful and rejoicing for the many lives that have been blessed and saved by God through our ministry work at the center. And of course, we also know, all things are possible with Jesus Christ and God is much, much, bigger than a failing building.

This closure will not prevent His love and the message of the cross from reaching more of our neighbors who are lost, hurting, and in need of Jesus. Crazy Love Ministries is NOT dissolving! Your support is still needed. Our team remains committed to loving, serving, and investing in the lives of others in our community.

In 2023, I’m anticipating God WILL continue bringing in a harvest of food to be shared! There are many more souls who need His feeding! We will continue all street outreach efforts and food distribution to our community.

If you have any specific questions, you can contact us directly by phone or email. We will continue to keep the public and our sponsors updated as needed.

In His Love,
Wendy Petty
Exec. Dir.


2022 Volunteer Appreciation Awards

Christopher Chalkley, New Volunteer of the Year
William Jensen, Propane Outreach
Caleb Sessoms, 5 1/2 years of Sandwich Making (totaling over 22,000 Sandwiches!)
Joe Lisk, Always Being Prepared to Share
Patty Kuhnau, Extra Acts of Kindness (Best Towel Roller!)
Abby, Brianna, & Zach Sessoms for Helping CLM to successfully provide services at the Mason County Warming Center