Thank you to the private sponsors and the following local organizations & businesses who have committed to support this ministry every month!

Honorary Sponsors/Volunteers:

James McKinley, Aug 19, 1953-Sept 15, 2019

Jim Coffman, Jan 30, 1937-Nov 11, 2019,  Shelton Bible Church

Paul Zachry, Oct 8, 1969-Jan 18, 2023
Paul’s Sept 2022 Testimony Video

Mar 2024 Treasury Report
Community Meals Served: 5
Sack breakfasts/lunches- 490

Bank Fees$9.78
Event: Easter$15.84
Giving: Olympia Feed$170.00
Office Supplies$76.51
Paper Products$70.92
Professional Fees:$800.00
Shipping & Postage$27.20
Shop Rent$1,300.00
Shop Utilities$158.74

Total Mar 2024 Contributions:  $1,350.54
Total Mar 2024 Expenditures:  $3,384.93

March 2024 Treasury Report approved by the CLM BOD on: Apr 17, 2024