Mobile Resource Unit

Taking Resources, Intervention, and Education Directly to the Distressed

Sending on a regular basis a group of community support individuals to the homeless camps and/or designated meet-up points for identified camps. To strengthen relationships so when individuals are ready for change, they know they have a support team in place to walk through the required steps with them.

Resources : Food & water, medical supplies, basic necessities, and onsite services.
Intervention: Case management and additional resource connections
Education: First aid/wound care, self-care, diet, hygiene, drug awareness.

Comprehensive Case Management

Provided by Adonai, Counseling and Employment Services, Inc.

“Helping People Overcome Barriers to Their Success!”

Jim Coffin

Mason County Warming Center

Restoration Through Love & Encouragement

A day-use facility for our homeless neighbors & anyone in need!
A place to be indoors receiving daily love, encouragement, resources, and support services.

Although, the center is equipped to meet basic needs such as providing a daily meal, restrooms, showers, hygiene products, and laundry the biggest goal of the center is to help people move forward in any direction they are ready for.

People are also provided with comprehensive case management which includes, but is not limited to, employment services and transition back into the community for those who come out of the jail/prison system. For those needing it, we encourage them towards medical, mental health, and substance abuse programs/counseling and we seek it out for them however necessary. People are also directly connected with housing resources, DSHS, and SSI as needed.

We have created programs at the center that have helped prevent people from discarding their garbage and belongings in community areas. They now have a place where they can come and learn from our volunteers how to better care for themselves and their belongings. In addition to people being able to shower and launder their clothing, we offer a seasonal sleeping bag exchange program, clothing re-donation, and garbage drop-off.

Meals, showers, laundry, computers, case management, resource connection, & support groups 


Taking Food, Relief, and Support Services to the Streets

In need of a warm meal? Encouragement? Hugs? Prayer? We are here for you!
Join us for a home cooked, full-course dinner + lots, lots more! All are welcome!

Every Friday, (regardless of sun, rain, wind or snow!) 6-7:30pm, extended to 8pm Jun-Aug

Parking lot next door to the Mason Transit Center, located at: 627 W. Franklin St, Shelton, WA 98584

Additional Weekend Food,
 every Friday
Propane Refills, every Friday
Seasonal Gear, when available