01/21/2022 Sponsor Announcement

What an amazing 2021 we had serving Shelton’s homeless! Those who made contributions to our non-profit will receive their donation form in the mail next week. If you do not receive one, please be sure to contact us at, or 360-358-3355

12/31/2021 Thank You

THANK YOU to all of the volunteers at the Mason County Warming Center who took on extra shifts to keep the center open 24hr/day since Dec. 25th. It’s been a blessing to help our homeless neighbors be indoors during the extreme winter temps. We’d also like to thank the city of Shelton and Community Lifeline for partnering with us to make this possible for them! AND to our Sponsors who made the provisions in paper products and food possible to serve 100+ daily meals to our community x 7 days. Go God!

12/19/2021 Praise Report

Go God! Here’s a peak at the gifts pouring into the Mason County Warming Center. Special thanks to the congregation at First Baptist Church of Shelton and all of the private sponsors who are contributing towards this effort. The birth of Jesus marks the beginning of the greatest love story ever told! It’s important we demonstrate- God’s love forgets no one!

12/09/2021 Public Update

Mason County Warming Center, WINTER UPDATE! Beginning, this Sat. Dec 11, 2021 the center will be opening at 8am instead of 9am for all morning openings: Tue, Wed, Thur & Sat. We request that our patrons not come expecting breakfast or the center’s other services to begin prior to 9am. This additional hour of opening is intended to get people out of the cold sooner. Our volunteers will do their best to at least offer coffee, juice, and a snack until the full breakfast can be served. God bless everyone!

Crazy Love Ministries 2021 Annual Meeting

Crazy Love Ministries 2021 Annual Meeting is this Tues, Dec. 7th, 5:30 pm @ the Mason County Warming Center, 110 S. First St, Shelton, WA 98584, Our sponsors and the public are invited to attend! The Board of Directors will share the 2021 finances and ministry highlights, the 2022 vision and goals, and formally elect the position of Secretary, term Jan 2022-Dec 2023. Dan Bryan is running for reelection. No one else has expressed interest in this position, but it’s not too late. Letters of interest with bios can still be emailed to

10/24/2021 Youth Outreach Day

We had an amazing time serving our Shelton Street Family along side the youth of First Baptist Church. Praying the light they shined into the community today, be everlasting!

10/18/2021 Sleeping Bag Distribution

Thank you to everyone in our Shelton community who donated sleeping bags! Click for video to view  some of the beautiful faces of those who have been blessed by your generosity!
The sleeping bag distribution began 12 days ago; approximately 2 weeks earlier than we were hoping for. To date, 38 people have received a sleeping bag. Many are waiting to take one until temps. have dropped more and some already have one.
The Sleeping Bag Exchange program at the Mason County Warming Center is in full swing. So far, 9 individuals have made their first exchange. There are two goals for this program, #1 to ensure our unsheltered neighbors remain equipped with a sleeping bag all winter long & #2 to help prevent the discarding of belongings in the community. The Mason County Warming Center also offers Clothing Re-donation and Garbage Drop-off to those receiving services from us.
Thank you to those in our community who are helping to support what is being done. There is still a need! We will continue to accept sleeping bags, adult clothing & shoes, coats, gloves, and handwarmers until spring.

09/20/2021 Sleeping Bag Drive

The Mason County Warming Center plans to launch its seasonal Sleeping Bag Exchange for Shelton’s homeless by mid-Oct. This program helps people stay replenished with sleeping bags during the cold months. A minimum of 80 new or gently used sleeping bags are needed for distribution to those participating in the program. Donations of sleeping bags can be dropped off directly at the center, 110 S. First St, Shelton, WA 98584 on Tues, Weds, Thurs, or Saturdays from 9am-12pm. Pick ups can also be arranged by calling, 360-358-3355.

08/28/2021 Clothing Program Update

We’d like to thank Freeway Mini Storage for helping the Mason County Warming Center stock it’s clothing closet for the last 1 1/2 years. This became a vital partnership when Covid shut down other clothing outreaches.
We are excited for the opportunity to begin working with Sentry Mini Storage. Until our plan and Clothing Box locations have been decided on with Sentry, ALL clothing donations are being accepted directly at the Mason County Warming Center, located at 110 S. First St, during regular business hours, Tues, Wed, Thur, Sat 9am-12pm and Sun 1-4pm.
Unloading is allowed in the ally next to our building. If you give us a quick call to let us know you are on your way we will have volunteers ready to assist you, 360-358-3355.
ADULT CLOTHING DONATIONS only please. All clothing should be new or gently used and laundered. IT IS TIME!! To begin collecting FALL/WINTER WARM SEASONAL ITEMS! Please consider coats, gloves, sleeping bags, and hand warmers.

08/02/2021 New Service Announcement

NEW SERVICE at the Mason County Warming Center! Comprehensive Case Management provided by, Jim Coffin of Adonai, every Wednesday. Adonai, is committed to, “Helping People Overcome Barriers to their Success,”. This group offers employment services, behavior health, alcohol/drug outpatient treatment, re-entry services for individuals with criminal histories, and is a BFET (Basic Food Employment Training Program) provider.
Jim will be available for weekly meetings with established clients of Mason Co and accepting new Mason Co clients every Wednesday beginning at 10am at the Mason County Warming Center, 110 S. First St, Shelton, WA 98584
If you have any specific questions regarding this new service please message us!

07/30/2021 Sobriety Congratulations!

Congratulations to James Burnett on hitting a milestone in his victory over addiction! James is one of our crew team members and acts as the Mason County Warming Center’s Ast. Building Director. It has been such an honor to serve our community along side him! Stay tuned, we will be featuring his, Sobriety for God’s Glory testimony soon.

07/28/2021 Sobriety Congratulations!

Belated congratulations to, Matt Crewse on his continued progress overcoming addiction! July 21st he sent this photo to the ministry, but our volunteers are currently on vacation rotations & we missed sharing it. Matt you are an inspiration to so many who are still on the streets of Shelton fighting their battles. We are so thankful you surrendered yours to the Lord and are giving Him the glory for your personal victory. Stay near to Him, He will never fail you!


We had a wonderful time celebrating Independence Day with the Shelton street family. On the grill: Hamburgers, Chicken, & Jalapeno smoked sausage! Thank you to our sister Rowena who also showed up with pulled pork sandwiches & slaw! A load of camping gear was given away and we ended the day with two baptisms.

06/29/2021 Thank You!

Thank you to all of the volunteers who helped to serve our community during the heat wave that hit Shelton, WA June 26th-28th! It is because of your compassion that the Mason County Warming Center successfully provided an indoor cooling place and meals for some of our most at risk neighbors. Additionally, the abundance of food that came in made it possible for the center to be open all three days from 9am-6pm! 

06/25/2021 Sobriety for His Glory!

Sobriety for His Glory! Praise God! We got a surprise visit from Mark at the Friday, June 25th Feed. He stopped by to thank everyone for being there for him during his worst days & to share with us how much our outreach meant to him. He specifically valued his time with us at our previous Mon Ministry time at the Shelton Laundry Mat. Mark has been experiencing life sober for 1 1/2 yrs now due to continued help through the drug court program and Shelton’s new transitional men’s house. Crazy Love Ministries thanks everyone whose efforts have contributed towards Mark’s continued help! He is anticipating his continued progression in forward movement will be in approximately three months when he is expected to receive full custody of his daughter back. He will have enough money saved to get housing for the two of them. We are sooooo grateful to God for allowing us the opportunity to know and love Mark! What an amazing evening we had in Shelton, WA!

06/20/2021 Public Update

Beginning the week of Mon, June 21st the Mason County Warming Center will be open on Wednesdays from 9am-12pm. Warming Center hours: Tue-Thur, Sat 9am-12pm & Sun 1-4pm

05/26/2021 Donations Needed

It’s time to make your donation for Crazy Love Ministries fourth annual July 4th BBQ and Camping Gear Giveaway for Shelton’s homeless!
Donations will be used towards the event and the continued operations of the Mason County Warming Center. Our goal is for everyone in attendance on July 4th to receive at least one camping item that will better equip them in their current unsheltered situation. The center provides on-going support services to anyone in need in our community, including meals/food, restrooms with a shower facility, and a laundry room.
Businesses making contributions of more than $100 before June 20th, will be recognized publicly in various ways. Your business logo/name will be placed on the event handouts and flyer. You will also receive recognition on social media and at the event.
For your convenience, you can use the donate button on the bottom on this page or donations can be made payable to Crazy Love Ministries and mailed to PO Box 2042, Shelton, WA 98584. All donations are tax deductible. We hope you will not miss out on this opportunity to partner with us in supporting your homeless neighbors!

5/13/2021 Shelter Solutions

Currently unsheltered in Shelton or surrounding areas? Come in to the Mason County Warming Center to find out about receiving a wagon on wheels. Bikes included. Thank you to our Crazy Love Ministries crew members who designed, patented, and are building these awesome shelter solutions! 110 S First St, Shelton, WA 98584 Tues, Thurs, Sat 9am-12pm, Sun 1-4pm

5/7/2021 Sobriety for His Glory!

Nathan Petty
It’s May 7, 2021 and with God being my #1 and my family my #2, I’m celebrating three years clean. Thank you to everyone who continues encouraging me to be the man God created me to be vs who Satan and drugs tried to turn me into.
Some days it’s still hard to believe God would save someone like me and bless me in all the ways he has, but He never gave up on me!
I’m proof of my wife’s most love-filled message, Drugs are not of God…. For many reasons! The biggest reason, HE IS LOVE! He loves us way too much to want death and destruction to overtake us.
We sincerely hope more people come to experience life abundantly and eternally through Jesus Christ. He is the only way! In Him the healing and freedom you are searching for can be found.
If you are struggling and need support from an amazing group of over comers, contact us- God is here for you and so are we!

4/27/2021 CLM Men's Retreat

Thankful for our ministry men who love God and serve beside us! A few of them got to enjoy beautiful WA weather, lunch fellowship, and prayer time together last weekend. It’s an amazing thing- how God continues bringing together and growing His Crazy Love Ministry team.
Present: Nathan Petty, Sven Munson, Matt Crichton, Dan Bryan, Al Blumberg, Caleb Sessoms
Absent: Carlton Sessoms , David Hockaday, Sam Loomis, William Jensen, Bob Wilkowski and James Burnett. Zach Sessoms was present for part 2 after taking a morning shift at the center ❤
Thank you, to each one of you, for investing the time it takes to grow in who God has created you to be and your leadership roles! The church, your families, and our community appreciate you!

03/15/2021 City of Shelton, Thank you!

We discovered this winter there is need for additional over-night shelter during cold temperatures in Shelton, WA when Community Life Line is at capacity and for the individuals who are legally no longer allowed at the facility.
It is in great appreciation, that the Crazy Love Ministries Team thanks the City of Shelton! Who also recognized this need and allowed the Mason County Warming Center to open for a few nights during the month of Feb.
We witnessed extremely positive results in opening the center for a few nights. It was much bigger than people avoiding the cold temps. We helped one individual avoid full diagnoses of trench foot. Four men chose to begin their first 5 day stretch of sobriety with us. Three of whom are continuing to receive daily counsel and peer support from our team and other local recovery programs . One of whom turned himself in to the jail to take care of things he’d been avoiding.
Let us never underestimate how great the return is when we are willing to take simple measures to love and care for others!

01/19/2021 Annual Sponsor Letter

On behalf of Crazy Love Ministries, I’d like to thank all of our 2020 sponsors! It is through so many giving and generous hearts that God was not only able to expand the services offered through this ministry in 2020, finances also remained in the black! Our team members and those we serve remained so incredibly blessed despite the fact that Covid19 has created economic hardship for our Shelton Community.
On March 21, 2020 the Mason County Warming Center opened its doors to the public. The two weekly meals Crazy Love Ministries was serving to those in need since 2017 increased to five. Before winter, the center successfully launched a sleeping bag exchange for the homeless. By Dec. 31, 2020 services offered through the center (which include warm meals, laundry services, courtesy internet, computer and phone services, and clothing) had been provided to 243 individuals in our community. Some who were in temporary need and some who continue receiving support on a regular basis.
We celebrated many more victories in the lives of those we serviced in 2020! Four of our street brothers and a sister with two children have successfully been blessed since the center’s opening with more stable housing. Two brothers are renting rooms and one is renting a trailer space.
The fourth brother is a veteran of our county. The mountains of applications and paperwork he had to complete did not hinder his persistence! He woke up every morning from under a leaking truck canopy, had breakfast at the Warming Center and remained diligent to make his daily stop-ins at the local VA hall and other Shelton housing authorities/agencies, for over three months.
Good news didn’t come in the form we all thought it would as we gathered praying for him morning after morning. It was due to his determination and sincerity of heart that God changed the heart of another who finally offered him a spot to pitch a tent or park his truck on their property.
He has full use of the kitchen and restroom facilities in the main house on the property where he now resides. He will have enough money saved by spring to upgrade to a trailer. He says, “Waking up in the morning and being able to warm up sitting next to a woodstove while my coffee is brewing is the best part of life right now. Daily showers, all of it, a miracle from God.”
A mother and her two daughters who spent weekends at the center transitioned just before Christmas into a Cross Roads Housing apartment. Some of our team members took additional steps to repair her vehicle and bless the three of them with presents to wake up to on Christmas morning.
The week of Thanksgiving we celebrated victory over addiction with an individual who has been receiving services on and off from Crazy Love Ministries since 2017. He completed a thirty-day impatient treatment program. He remains sober and off the streets. His family was able to provide him with shelter until there is a vacancy in a men’s clean and sober housing program.
We are continuing to walk along side many who are transitioning in and out of inpatient and intensive outpatient programs. Our goal is to remain as readily available as possible to those we’ve built relationships with however they need us to be.
God also directly blessed our team members in very miraculous ways during 2020. Some lost their paying jobs while others pushed on unsuccessfully, in their continued search for employment. However, for those of us serving Jesus vs pay checks our faith has grown so greatly! He has come through in providing for all of our daily needs and additionally with free housing opportunities and low cost-free vehicles when they became necessary!
The Mason County Warming Center is expected to have a public shower by spring of 2021. The center will also be expanding into the old Pine Tree Restaurant building. Even though we do not have dates determined on the progression of this expansion, two immediate goals are to have space for a much larger clothing bank and lockers for our homeless.
To date, Crazy Love Ministries has remained standing faithful in our commitment to not receive any federal funding or major grant monies. We do this to ensure only God receives the glory for what He’s doing for those in need in Shelton, WA.
We cannot thank you enough for your contributions and prayers- it is you; He is working through! Together, through our belief in Christ Jesus, all things are being made possible in the lives of our neighbors!
Wendy Petty
Executive Director

New Year's Eve 2020

Beautiful last day of 2020! We were blessed at the center with a visit from our sister, Audrey. Another mighty warrior living a life of sobriety! She has become an inspiration to all of us. Crazy Love is looking forward to what God has prepared for us in 2021.

Christmas 2020

Thank you again to everyone who sponsored Christmas gift packages this year and contributed towards our 4th year of Christmas giving in Shelton, WA! 38 personalized packages and an additional 33 men’s/women’s care packages were give out at the Mason County Warming Center. Additionally, everyone was blessed with a biscuits & gravy meal on the 24th and a ham & eggs meal on the 25th. Go God!

11/04/2020 Public Charity Night Invite

10/17/2020 Public Thank You

Thank you to Dutchess Donuts for partnering with the Mason County Warming Center! We encourage our local neighbors to make this place one of your regular daily/weekly stops. Not only does Dutchess have some amazing donuts, they have decided to share them with their homeless neighbors. This is what community and doing life together is all about!

October Community Collection

Thank you to Steph’s Espresso for hosting a Community Collection for the Mason County Warming Center. If you are a regular at Steph’s, please consider bringing a tarp or flashlight when you visit again. If you haven’t tried a coffee from Steph’s Espresso, now is a great time to show your support for two local businesses at the same time! A small business and a non-profit that could benefit from your support.

09/23/2020 Street Family & Public Update

Beginning tomorrow, Sept 24th, the Mason County Warming Center will be extending it’s hours on Thursday afternoons. Join the Crazy Love Family for two hours of life-building fellowship. We will learn together through prayer, teaching, and discussion how to practically apply God’s Word to our everyday living. All are welcome! Led by, Rajeah Murray

09/04/2020 Public Update

The Mason County Warming Center, located at 110 S. First St in Shelton, WA is hosted by Crazy Love Ministries, a local WA non-profit. It opened its doors to the homeless and low-income families of the Shelton area in March of 2020. Breakfast is offered three times a week and lunch on Sundays. Additional offerings include sack lunches, beverages to go, community family food boxes, and the distribution of food to other local non-profits. Clothing, toiletries, camping supplies and other items are also provided when available. Laundry services are available by sign-up and on a first come first serve basis.
An immediate goal of the warming center is to attain funding that would make available a courtesy computer, phone and internet services. Many of our patrons need to keep in touch with DSHS, DOL, SSI, DOC, and to conduct job searches during a time in which COVID-19 has closed down other facilities’ access to these vital services. Another current goal is to have the hours of operation at the center expanded to seven days a week before the winter cold comes. There are not enough volunteers or financial resources to do so at this time.
A future goal is to provide more immediate housing support. It is important for individuals to be able to successfully enter into a stable environment to further the healing and growth that often times needs to take place in their lives.
The Crazy Love Ministries team has witnessed success in the lives of those we service through offering love, encouragement, prayer, guidance and continued support as needed. We are committed to inspire, and instill in others the desire to fulfill their potential in life with a sense of dignity, belonging and purpose. There is no investment more worthy than to help better the life of another neighbor. Every changed life is a testimony that inspires change in others.
We are making a difference in our community and so can you!
Please send donations to Crazy Love Ministries,
PO Box 2042, Shelton, WA 98584
Or online through facebook and
Volunteers can contact Wendy Petty or Dan Bryan
at 360-358-3355 or at

08/31/2020 A Day of Celebration!

Yay! Justin Christensen has reached a milestone of 16 months sober from methamphetamines today!! Justin has been a resident of Shelton, WA since 2015 and started receiving services from Crazy Love Ministries in 2017.
Despite the fact that Covid19 caused him to lose his job in April he was successful in transitioning from clean and sober housing into his own place in May, where he continues to reside today.
Justin will be welcoming a baby girl, Ellie, into the world in September and will also be celebrating his 32nd birthday, clean and sober!
Justin has become a very special part of our family. He continues staying in contact with us by dropping off donations at the Mason County Warming Center. Giving back by finding ways to help others who are struggling in our Shelton community is important to him. We are so proud of him!
“The most meaningful parts of my recovery have been the opportunity to become the person who I had myself convinced I didn’t have the ability to become, being able to make it up to my family for years of absence, and now painting over the expectations that my actions created in the eyes of all my loved ones.
Crazy Love has always been there, ready to help me if I ever asked for it, if I needed someone to talk to (even when I was in my darkest days), and never gave up hope that I could turn over a new leaf.”
Gifts and donations for his new baby girl are being collected for Justin Christensen. You can donate $ now through this site with a note, “For Justin” or drop something off at the Mason County Warming Center in September, 110 S. First St, Tues, Thur, Sat 9am-12pm.

July 4th BBQ, 2020

12PM @ the Mason County Warming Center, 110 S First St, Shelton, WA 98584

In need of healthy relationships? A warm meal? Prayer? New gear for your current homeless situation or your make-shift shelter? Please join us at the Mason County Warming Center to celebrate Independence Day! We will enjoy a BBQ meal together and hold a camping-gear raffle for everyone in attendance. All are welcome! Mason County Warming Center’s covid-19 safety measures and the proper practice of social distancing will continue to be in place for this event.

05/06/2020 Thank you from, Executive Director Wendy Petty

Thank you to God and our sponsors, for enabling Crazy Love Ministries to be entering into its 4th year of outreach services to those in need in Shelton, WA!

Due to Covid19 restrictions Crazy Love Ministries wasn’t able to hold our annual public Cinco De Mayo Anniversary Street Feed this year, but there are still testimonies to be shared! Following is one of the many that reflects God’s glory and greatness.

Her name is Audrey! I first met her in March of 2017. It was the very first night a couple of us hit the streets in down town Shelton, WA to hand out food in effort to begin meeting those who made up the local Street Family.

Audrey was one of the first five people we served and met that evening. I remember the faces of those first five as though it was only yesterday. My first impression was that she was beautiful! And heavily burdened.

She pulled up on her bike. She was hesitant in receiving help from anyone to relieve her of some of the heavy bags dangling from her bike. I noticed how perfectly the bags were balancing her, indicating to me she’d grown very familiar to lugging bags around.

Out of respect for her hesitancy, we fell back and watched her handle her bags on her own. I was instantly able to recognize God had created her with a strong sense of determination.

Audrey reminded me so much of who I used to be; a young girl trying to balance the weights of life all on her own. I have never stopped praying for her. It took months for Audrey to begin trusting we were there for her and we expected nothing in return from her. Having the opportunity to simply know her and love her was all that mattered to us.

Once she finally started allowing us to help her It was not always easy to witness some of the things she was walking through. One of the most heart breaking, but trust building times in my relationship with God, was a night when I wrapped a blanket around her body as she laid resting in a cold parking lot…..

Our ministry team was not going to give up on her! I was not going to cease believing that the same God who had saved me would also save her! I desperately prayed over her that night for Him to care for her in the ways only He could. I had to trust He would. And He did!

Audrey will be celebrating two years of sobriety from methamphetamines on Jun 1st. God has restored her relationships with her children and family. She has an amazing new home!

As with me, Audrey’s willingness to finally hear God and learn from Him has led her to the love and rest He has always desired for her to know. She admits it still gets difficult, but I’m so thankful that she is experiencing true freedom.

Sadly, not every outreach story I’ve been a part of has ended in victory, according to what I consider victory to be. We’ve lost a couple of our Street Family members along the way. We remain trusting that God hasn’t lost hold of them, but it’s Audrey’s story along with many others that keep me encouraged to keep doing what Crazy Love Ministries is doing.

No one should ever be given up on! With Christ Jesus ALL things are possible!

05/01/2020 Street Family Update

The laundry room is finished at the Mason County Warming Center! Go God! More machines coming soon! Thank you to Shelton Laundry for 2 1/2 years of partnership to help provide our homeless community with clean clothing and bedding. This service will now be provided directly at the center. Lovingly dedicated in memory of Stan and Elma Hilberg whose support of Crazy Love Ministries is continuing to help God’s vision grow.

04/15/2020 Street Family Update

BASIC NEED/CLOTHING GIVE-AWAY: Crazy Love Ministries will no longer be providing this service on the 3rd Friday of the month at the Shelton Street Feed. This service will now be provided at the Mason County Warming Center on the 1st and 3rd Saturday’s of the month from 11am-12pm.

2020 Annual Tent Collection

It’s almost time for Crazy Love Ministries to celebrate 3 years of the Shelton Street Feeds! Go God! Our annual April Tent Collection is underway. On the first Friday in May at the anniversary feed we give away tents. This is in perfecting timing to bless those who have made Shelton’s seasonal emergency shelter their home. The Shelter closes April 30th-Nov 1st.

PLEASE donate $35 today for a tent below to help surpass last year’s collection of 30 tents. Tents, sleeping bags, mats, and camping gear will also be gladly accepted at the Mason County Warming Center, 110 S. First St: on any Tue, Thurs, Sat from 9am-12pm.…/Ozark-Trail-4-Person-Ca…/945795612

3/20/2020 Public Update

As long as no further state or county restrictions are mandated, Crazy Love Ministries has put into place and will execute the proper procedures necessary for the Warming Center to continue providing food and services to the homeless.

If you are amongst those needing services at the center please prepare yourself for the following:

#1 The Center will be operating on limited hours.
#2 If you are coughing, sneezing, running a fever, etc contact us for food and resources through another person, messenger, or by calling the ministry number: 360-358-3355. Do not come to the center.
#3 If you are okay in just accepting a bag of food at the door please do so. We will temporarily be limiting those coming into the center to around 10 at a time.
#4 If you enter the center you will need to wash your hands outside the door, check in your bag, then wash your hands again more thoroughly in the restroom.

Beginning Mar. 21st the Center’s hours will be:
Sat 9am-12pm
Sun 1pm-4pm
Tue 9am-12pm
Thur 9am-12pm

Hours are subject to change as needed. We hope to slowly increase hours and occupancy numbers vs decrease. Please continue praying with us for Shelton’s protection!

3/19/2020 Public Update

We hope our Crazy Love Family is continuing to stand with us in speaking Psalm 91 over themselves and everyone in Shelton, WA, our state and nation! Let us continue to be encouraged by one another as we ride out this threat of virus. In Jesus name, may it not come near any of us!

Friday’s Street Feed will be modified, but not out of fear. We will proceed in wisdom to honor the creeds that have been set forth by our appointed public officials.

Changes you can expect:
We will continue to set-up a hand washing station
There will be no seating area
There will be no clothing give away this week
Everyone will receive: 1 packaged hot meal, 1 bagged breakfast/lunch, and 1 hygiene package.

What can you do to help us in maintaining the recommended social distancing? If you are coughing don’t come. Instead, if you are in need of food please send us a message through another person, messenger, or the ministry phone number: 360-358-3355. Please be sure to use the hand washing station that you should now be familiar with. Please stagger yourselves in line practicing a 6ft’ distancing.

If you need prayer, someone to talk to, or to get connection info for other local resources it’s ALWAYS okay to stay a couple of minutes to speak to someone in blue or put a message into the praise/prayer can ❤

We will decide on Saturday’s hours for the Mason County Warming Center and Monday Laundry Service soon! Decisions are being made day-by-day! Watch for continued updates.

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12/19/2021 Public Thank You